Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oceana Smiles

Today is such a joyous day! My sister has returned from Eugene with her daughter (my neice), Oceana. Oce is almost 4 years old. She is a beautiful little sprite with curly blonde hair. I will post a photo once I get a cord to attach my camera to the computer. Oceana sat on my lap and rode around in my wheelchair. She also wanted to push my chair. She is cautiously curious about the hospital, the nurses, etc.

Sarah tried to explain to Oceana what has happened in terms she can understand. She did not say anything about it being a car wreck because she does not want Oce to be afraid of riding in the car. I have heard that children at her age have difficulty understanding the permanence of death. I am sad that she will not grow up knowing Sage. I always imagined they would be more like siblings than cousins.

Later, Oceana is going to bring over her doctor kit and try to fix me up. I have no doubt she will bring me some good medicine.

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