Thursday, April 24, 2008

A New Beginning

Tonight, my teaching partner from the Relief Nursery, Lane, brought us a wonderful home-made dinner of chicken, asparagus enchiladas, a delicious spinach salad, and a fruit tart. She also brought flowers from her garden. What an amazing gift it is to eat food cooked with love.

When we were still in Boise, long-time friends of my family, Carol and Jerry, cooked us a vegetable quiche and offered us hand-picked baby greens from their garden. After weeks of hospital and restaurant food, our bodies are in desperate need of nourishing meals. I know others from my work have signed up to bring us meals as well. Thank you to all those who are offering us this gift. We hope that when the time comes, we will be able to pass this kindness on to others in need.

Although our first days home were very difficult, Michael and I are beginning to settle in here. The lush, green landscape cradles us in a promise of renewal. We have left Sage's things out, visible. We will know when it is time to put things away. When I catch sight of one of his photographs or toys, sometimes I cry, but it feels healthy and right to do this.

A New Beginning

fingering the loose
threads of despair
I became unraveled

and spilled out onto the
solid, unshakeable floor

there, on this
unyielding foundation

I formed an
unlikely alliance

from which I drew
the strength

to pour myself
into the promise

of a new beginning.

~Elizabeth Adams

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