Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photos from Our Trip

This place is amazing. Every day is an adventure. I'm not going to try to write it all down at this point, but here are some photos!

Our cottage.

The sailing canoe we went on (called the Hina).

Michael paddle boarding.

The giant Banyan Tree in Lahaina.

A wind surfer at Hookipa.

Red sand beach near Hana where we went swimming.

Fire dancer at Little Beach (thank you Gretchen for the tip. It was awesome!!).

Iao Valley, where we went hiking.

Jelly fish at the aquarium.

The Buddhist Peace Stupa in Paia.

Michael at the stupa.

Turtle paintings inside the stupa.


Me, looking pretty.

Maui, looking pretty.


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Serinekat said...

Hating you! You lucky bums. I hope your journey home is safe.