Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion

When Michael and I were boarding our return flight from Maui, we talked about what we thought was the best part of our trip. Without hesitation, we both said it was meeting Liz and Sage (who own Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventures), and their son, Cru (5 months) and daughter, Kira (3 1/2 years). It was their aloha spirit, more than anything else, that made our trip magical. I hope we can circle back to see them soon!

Our new Hawaiian friend, Cru and his Mama, Liz.

Michael with his little buddy.

Liz, Kira and Sage swimming in the sea.

Our last day in Maui. Enjoying Cru as long as we can.

Happiness . . .

Little pebble upon the sand
Now you're lying here in my hand,
How many years have you been here?

Little human upon the sand
From where I'm lying here in your hand,
You to me are but a passing breeze.

The sun will always shine where you stand
Depending in which land
You may find yourself.
Now you have my blessing, go your way.

Happiness runs in a circular motion
Thought is like a little boat upon the sea.
Everybody is a part of everything anyway,
You can have everything if you let yourself be.

-Donovan Leitch


Amee said...

It sounds like you two had a really wonderful trip. I'm so glad. You look so tan and relaxed in all the pictures. I miss seeing you at work.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing person, I have been deeply touched by your story. I am a stranger who stumbled upon your blog by accident and could not help reading it all. I am myself a mom, I keep diaries for my children too. I have cried with your words and found so much inspiration in them. You do the right thing posting your feelings out in the open because people like you were meant to touch many lives and inspire others. You are kind to share your journey. Sage has touched my life too.

janis said...

Jessie, I've only just found your blog, and my heart breaks for your terrible and monumental loss. Yet, it is uplifted at the same time by the beauty of your heart and tears. Please accept my belated condolences, and hugs and much love.