Friday, July 18, 2008

Oceana Turns Four

Oceana's fourth birthday was this week. We haven't had her party yet, but she did get some gifts from her Grammy (a kite, a puzzle and a tape measure). Grammy is teaching her how to measure things around the house.

When I stopped by to see them last night, Grammy had band-aids on the knees of her pants, gauze stuck to her elbow, and a blue sticker on her face. She and Oce had
been playing doctor, which is one of Oce's all time favorite things to do.

Oce will heal anyone who comes near her (including stuffed animals). She even gave me a physical therapy regimen, insisting that I was not "normal" until I could jump with her, and roll on the floor, and stand on one leg. Almost every time I see her, she asks "Are you almost normal yet?"

Grammy (my mom) is one of Dr. Oce's most frequent patients. They are quite a pair. A few days ago, Oceana said, "Grammy, you and me are buddies."

Grammy is a natural teacher. So many of the "therapeutic principles" that we follow at the Relief Nursery are things that my mom does instinctively and
effortlessly. I love to watch her with kids. I am thankful that Sage got to spend so much time with her.

I will always remember how she talked to Sage. She had whole conversations with him, listening to his sounds like they were the most fascinating story. And he LOVED talking to her! He may not have understood her words, but he understood that she thought what he was saying was important.

Sharing Sage with Mom made me feel so close to her. I was able to see her doing what she does best. And it deepened my appreciation of my own childhood. I know Mom listened to me and Levi and Sarah the same way she listened to Sage and Oce. Some of the most valuable gifts Mom gave me when I was a child are things I have no memory of, but they are part of who I have become.

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