Sunday, July 20, 2008

Missing Michael, and Picking Blueberries

I love it when my husband goes away for a few days. I love it because it gives me the chance to miss him, and then he comes home. It's such a good feeling to find yourself jogging toward your spouse because you're just so glad it is him standing there, tired and sweaty and smiling.

Michael was paddle boarding at the Gorge Games (on the Columbia River) for the last three days. While he was battling the wind and waves, I spent my time doing Ai Chi, picking blueberries with Oceana, and voraciously reading a Jodi Picoult novel (My Sister's Keeper).

I had never been blueberry picking before. It's a really peaceful way to spend a couple of hours, and we ended up with 2 quarts of blueberries for $4. We also ate our fill of them while we were picking.

Oceana chatted the whole time. She pointed out the turkey vultures overhead, a tiny ladybug on a leaf, and a water bottle someone had left behind. She told me "That's littering."

She also asked me if I was pregnant. My answer was, "no." And why not? I wasn't sure what to say, so I told her "Because there isn't a baby growing in my tummy yet, but I hope someday there will be." Then she asked if we would name our next baby Sage. I told her that was Sage's special name, and the new baby would have its own name.

The next morning, Oceana called me to invite me to breakfast at her house. Sarah (my sister) made blueberry pancakes, veggie sausage, and fruit salad for us. We listened to Jack Johnson's Curious George CD, which Oceana calls "Sage and Grandpa Faulkner's music," and somehow it didn't seem sad listening to it this time.

Oce ate her food with chopsticks, and at one point she got us all laughing by pinching her nose with them. She then insisted that Grammy and I try it out, so . . . here are the photos. If my curse in life is taking it all too seriously, then Oceana is the perfect antidote.


Julie, Ward's mama said...

What a wonderful couple of days. I smiled reading about your blueberry picking and special breakfast. Oceana is such a beautiful child - she shines right from the computer screen. I'm glad, too, that you were able to listen to your Sage and Grandpa music without feeling sad. Happy birthday to sweet little Oceana, too.

Serinekat said...

You look sexy with those chop sticks! Why didn't you stick them up your nose?