Friday, October 10, 2008

Sage's Quilt

A few months after Sage was born, Michael and I joined a parents' group called Birth to Three. We met once a week with 9 other families with babies around the same age as Sage. While we met and shared our new parent triumphs and woes, the babies snuggled, nursed, slept and played. We watched them grow and gain new skills, and we as parents gained skills as well.

Becoming a parent is like finding yourself in a foreign land. How grateful we were to have people to share our experience with, hear our stories, comfort us and laugh with us. We could talk endlessly about whether our babies were rolling over, crawling, eating solids, or sleeping "through the night" (which in babyland means more than 4 hours at a stretch).

When Sage died, our Birth to Three group stood by us, continued to care for us. They prepared all the food for Sage's memorial. And one of the mothers, Caye, began working on a memory quilt for us. When she asked us for pieces of Sage's clothing in early June, we looked through what we had, and in the end could only part with a few things . . . a jumper, some onesies, a flannel shirt, a special blankie. She asked us about Sage's nicknames and what animals, colors and themes made us think of him. We had no idea what Caye would create with all of this.

Yesterday, Caye met me and Michael in the baby room at the Relief Nursery and presented the quilt to us. This is by far the most incredible piece of fabric art I have ever seen. I was so in awe, I could barely speak. Michael and I stared at it and ran our hands over the lusciously soft material.

One side is an ocean scene with fish, dolphins, coral, and three turtles, two large and one small. On the other side are squares, one from each of the Birth to Three families, and a myriad of photos of Sage's life. There are also some photos of Dad. The quilt is large, soft and inviting. It is a tangible expression of warmth and comfort. We will treasure it always.

To see more detailed photos, please click on the link below.
Sage's Quilt Photo Album


janis said...

This is just incredibly gorgeous, Jessie. I am moved to tears. What a beautiful piece of quilt! xoxo

caitsmom said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. So much love radiates and I felt a bit wrapped in the quilt myself as I read and watched the it unfold with pictures and words. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most special gifts I have ever heard of. It brings tears to my eyes. Susan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessie. Thank you for sharing the quilt at work. It is so beautiful. It is healing to cry together.

This song you shared while we looked at the quilt togeter remains with me.

Sing to Sage, Celebrate Sage, Celebrate with an Open Heart! What a Beautiful Spirit Sage is. I miss him and my heart continues to ache with you.

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful. What kind and generous (and talented) friends you have. The design is amazing, and the whole thing is so meaningful. I know you and your husband love it, and I'm so glad you have this gift.

It's making me cry, too, this morning, because my son loved turtles. I can hear him laughing and saying, How'ya like those turtles? So sweet. I *love* those turtles.

Julie, Ward's mama

Laura said...

What a beautiful treasure! So much love stitched into that quilt!

I have been following your journal for a couple of months now - you are so amazingly strong and open about your grieving.

You are both an inspiration!

Debbie said...

I found your blog tonight on the babyloss directory blog and I have been here reading for about an hour.
I had to comment on this quilt and your writing-- the quilt is absolutely amazing. What a beautiful tribute to you and Michael and Sage. To Sage's memory. I am in awe, really.
And your writing-- it is so incredibly beautiful.

Thank you for posting your blog on the babyloss directory.

amee said...

It's beautiful.

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

So, so, so beautiful, Jessie. I wish he was here instead...both Sage and his grandpa. I'm so sorry.